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Sam Landa

Sam Landa


Sam Landa helps companies increase customer engagement, brand excitement and sales with creative storytelling. After spending her early career honing her skills in content writing, marketing and PR at three award-winning home service franchisors, Sam left to build her own family of writers and designers who specialize in helping forward-thinking service companies build trust with and engage customers.

Blogging, social media, and communications are about more than just creating a conversation. Under Sam’s guidance, company leaders can craft powerful messaging, define a brand personality, and create consistently irresistible content. Or she can hand these to you on a gold platter; all you need to do is say ‘go’.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Sam is an avid musician, interior design fan, and lover of people.

Are you a writer?

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SamLanda.com is more than just a one-person operation. We hire contractors to help us with big projects and provide ongoing opportunities for spirited and talented writers.

If you’re:

– Detail-oriented
– Creative
– Have an exceptional grasp of spelling and grammar
– Able to meet all deadlines
– Positive
– Self-motivated

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